Revitalize Every Inch: The Ultimate Collection for a Full-Body Spa Experience.

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What's in the bundle?

Unwind & Glow: A Curated Kit for the Ultimate Me-Time

How to use

Foot Peel Mask: Begin with your feet. Slip on the mask, secure, and relax for 50-90 minutes. Rinse off and anticipate the dead skin peeling off in 5 to 7 days.

Exfoliating Towel: Wet your skin, apply body wash to the towel, and scrub gently, especially on dry areas.

Smart Towel: After your bath or shower, pat your body dry, starting from the face and moving downwards.


Exfoliating Towel

Ag+ ions (antibacterial agent), 80% polyester, and 20% bamboo charcoal fiber.

Smart Towel

Cotton and infused with silver fibers

Foot Peel Mask

Formulated with Aloe Vera Extract, Lavender Extract, and lactic acid.

Package includes

1 Sima Exfoliating Towel

1 Sima Smart Towel - Body size

1 Sima Smart Towel - Hand size

1 pack of 2 pairs of Foot Peel Mask

Revive Your Feet with the Foot Peel Mask

Dive into a transformative foot care experience. Our Foot Peel Mask is designed to gently remove dead skin, revealing baby-soft feet beneath. 

Exfoliate & Illuminate with Sima Exfoliating Towel

Elevate your skincare routine with our premium exfoliating towel. Crafted with a unique Japanese Hexagon Weave, it ensures a deep yet gentle exfoliation, unveiling a brighter, smoother complexion with every use.

Pure & Gentle Drying with Smart Towel

After exfoliating, embrace the luxury of our Smart Towel. Infused with silver particles, it promises not just effective drying but also a bacteria-free experience. Whether it's your body or hands, the Smart Towel ensures a soft, premium touch.

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