Premium towels made with all-natural silver that prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth.

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Crafted from high-quality all-natural silver, our premium towels are designed to prevent 99.9% of bacteria growth.

How to use

Use the towel as you normally would after showering or bathing. Gently pat yourself dry with the towel, starting from your face and working your way down to your toes.


Our towels are crafted with a superior combed cotton and infused with silver fibers to effectively eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria.

Package includes

4 Sima Smart Towels

Dimensions: ‎ 29" by 56" / 73cm x 142cm

4 Sima Smart Hand Towels

Dimensions: 20" by 30" / 50cm x 75cm

Prevents 99% of bacterial growth

With its innovative use of silver ions, the Sima Smart Towel promotes healthier skin by preventing up to 99% of bacterial growth, making it an effective antibacterial towel.

Know when to Wash

Our towels are equipped with solvatochromic dye strips that change from blue to red to indicate when it's time for a wash, ensuring that you always know when to clean them.

3x longer freshness, 3x less laundry needed

Designed to benefit both you and the environment with its 3x longer freshness and the need for 3x less laundry.

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Frequently Asked 


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How Is Sima Different From A Regular Towel?
Regular towels are prone to accumulating bacteria and developing an unpleasant smell over time, but Sima towels are different. Made with natural silver-infused fibers, Sima towels eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, keeping them fresh and hygienic for longer.
How Does Sima Change Color?
All our towels are lined with solvatochromic dye strips that change their color when it comes into contact with bacteria. The gray strips will turn red when it's time to wash!
How many times do you use your bath towel before washing?
Because our towels are made with special materials that help clean themselves, you can wash them 3x less frequently. As a general rule of thumb? At least once every 10 days.
What materials does the towel made of
Our towels are crafted with a superior combed cotton and infused with silver fibers to effectively eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria. We ensure the highest quality by sourcing our materials from trusted suppliers and conducting rigorous inspections
What are the dimensions of the towel?
Sima Bath Towel: 29" by 56" / 73cm x 142cm
Sima Hand Towel: 20" by 30" / 51cm x 76cm

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