Refresh, Renew, and Radiate: The Ultimate Head-to-Toe Skincare Ensemble.

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What's in the bundle?

Skin's Best Allies: From Cleansing Depths to Hydrating Heights

How to use

Exfoliating Towel: Wet your body and apply Sima body wash to the towel. Gently scrub, focusing on dry areas like elbows, knees, and feet.

Body Wash: Lather up, cleanse thoroughly, and rinse off for a refreshed feel.

Sima Face Cloths: Use the cloths to pat your face dry or pair with a cleanser for gentle makeup removal.

Smart Towel: After your cleanse, pat your body dry.

Body Lotion: Finish by moisturizing your body, ensuring even coverage for soft, nourished skin.


Exfoliating Towel

Ag+ ions (antibacterial agent), 80% polyester, and 20% bamboo charcoal fiber

Sima Gentle Face Cloths

100% Pure and natural cotton fiber

Smart Towel

Cotton and infused with silver fibers

Sima Body Wash

Charcoal, Salicylic acid

Sima Body Lotion

Hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid

Package includes

1 Pack of 50 Sima Gentle Face Cloths

1 Sima Exfoliating Towel

1 Sima Smart Towel - Body size

1 Sima Smart Towel - Hand size

Sima Body Wash 500ml

Sima Body Lotion 250ml 

Exfoliating Towel & Body Wash: The Ultimate Cleansing Duo

Dive into a deep cleanse with our Japanese Hexagon Weave Exfoliating Towel paired with the detoxifying power of charcoal in our Sima Body Wash. Together, they ensure every inch of your body feels revitalized, smooth, and impeccably clean.

Smart Towel & Body Lotion: Hydration & Protection Perfected

After your invigorating cleanse, wrap yourself in the antibacterial embrace of our Smart Towel. Follow up with our nourishing body lotion, enriched with Hyaluronic and Salicylic Acids, for skin that's soft, smooth, and protected.

Gentle Face Cloths: Care for Your Delicate Face

Elevate your facial routine with our eco-friendly, biodegradable cloths. Designed for sensitive skin, they offer a gentle touch and antibacterial properties, ensuring a clean, residue-free finish every time.

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