Double-Fold Eyelid Strips: Natural Lift, Invisible Finish


Gentle on skin

Natural Look

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Instant lift, hypoallergenic comfort, and an all-day natural finish

How to use

1. Thoroughly clean and remove oil from your eyelids.

2. Slowly peel off strip from the film with the tweezers.

3. Lift your brow and apply over folded eye skin.

4. Gently press and hold for 3-5 seconds, particularly the edges.


Keep away from children.

Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Package includes

400 pcs of 4-7mm strips

Instant Eyelid Elevation

With Sima Strips, you can instantly correct sagging skin and create deep, natural double eyelids.

Integrated with Your Natural Beauty

Made from hypoallergenic adhesive fiber, our strips are breathable, easy to remove, and blend seamlessly with your natural eyelid tone and makeup.

Versatility in Every Pack

Included are 400 strips ranging from 4mm to 7mm, providing versatile options to fit every eyelid type and desired lift intensity.

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Frequently Asked 


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How do I choose the right size for my eyelids?
Sima Strips come in two sizes to cater to different eyelid thicknesses. For a subtle lift, choose the smaller size. If you have thicker eyelids or desire a more pronounced lift, the larger size might be more suitable. We recommend starting with the smaller size for a natural look and adjusting as needed.
Can I wear makeup over the Sima Strips?
Absolutely! The strips are designed to seamlessly blend with your skin. You can apply eyeshadow and other eye makeup over them. However, for best results, apply the strip to a clean eyelid before putting on your makeup.
Are the strips safe for sensitive skin?
Yes, our eyelid strips are made from hypoallergenic medical adhesive fiber, ensuring they're light, breathable, and suitable even for sensitive skin types. Always ensure your skin is clean before application, and if any irritation occurs, discontinue use.
How do I remove the strips without harming my skin?
Sima Strips are designed for easy removal. Gently peel them off from the inner corner of the eye outward. For added ease, you can use a bit of makeup remover. They're made to leave no residue behind, ensuring a clean and gentle removal process.
How long will the strips stay in place?
Thanks to our fast-drying, transparent eyelid fixing cream, the strips are designed to remain in place all day long. They're resilient to common activities and resist water, ensuring your look remains flawless throughout the day.

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